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The following interviews are currently available. 
More will be added soon.


Interview with Diana Hockley

Interview with Laura Rittenhouse

Interview with Kate Loveday (2)

Interview with Helen Ross

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Interview with Kate Loveday

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Interview with Margaret Tanner

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Interview with co-founder
Cheryl Wright,

on Aussie Authors


So tell us, what inspired the idea of Aussie Authors?

Cheryl: My friend Sarah Cook and I were talking about the fact that it is so difficult for Australian writers to get recognised. We’re dealing with the worldwide stage and Aussies have to break into that, mostly on their own.

Even those who do manage to "break in" and get known overseas can still remain unknown here in their own country.

But surely there are already enough writing groups in Australia?

Cheryl: AussieAuthors isn’t a writing group; it’s a place for writers to get publicity they wouldn’t otherwise get, and to learn about marketing themselves. Marketing is absolutely crucial to writers – published or not.

Most writers living in Australia just aren’t recognised for their achievements, and we want that to change.

So you don’t have to be published to join the group?

Cheryl: No, not at all, but if you are published, or intend to be, then we’re here to help with your promotions.

What if I’m already famous and don’t need this group for promotion?

Cheryl: No author is so famous that they wouldn’t benefit from more promotion! Those authors who have already "made it" understand that writers need loads of inspiration, and looking up to someone who has been successful can give a writer enough impetus to keep going, and maybe finish that manuscript!

What makes you qualified to run this site?

Cheryl: Just over three years ago, I was unpublished and totally unknown. I began to realise the value of author promotions, and implemented a few techniques. I saw their value immediately.

Today I have five published books, with another due for publication next year. I have editors emailing me out of the blue asking me to write books, short stories, and articles for them. Without promotion that simply wouldn’t have happened.

In 2005 I was the overall winner for a world-wide competition that centred around author promotions. The competition was judged by what promotions you had used to get recognised. Apart from a monetary prize, and hundreds of dollars worth of print books (all specific to authors), I gained loads of exposure.

In addition, until recently, I owned a website called Authors Unlimited, which was an international co-operative site for authors to help promote each other. We gained loads of additional exposure, and received thousands of visitors every month. The site ran for nearly two years, but we made the difficult decision to close it down because of the time involved in keeping it afloat.

Sarah Cook was on the executive committee of that site, and along with the other members, we gained loads of exposure for Authors Unlimited.

Although we live in two difference states, Sarah and I work extremely well together, and tend to work to our best ability when we brainstorm with each other.

So do I need to be a writer to join your group?

Cheryl: No, not necessarily.

AussieAuthors is geared up to writers and readers. The aim of the site is to bring the two together. By promoting authors, we are also seeking out new readers for those writers. Just because you have a book published does not mean that you can easily find an audience.

Okay - what’s it going to cost me?

Cheryl: Again, that depends on you. It can be nothing – we have lots of free services, including book reviews, author interviews, link to your website, listing new releases and listing your author chats, newsletters, your contests and other aids for your own promotion. Not all forms of advertising cost money, but they do require some effort.

But, for a small cost you can have a Cover Spot for your book on our site, list your book/s in our Book Store, or use any of our other promotional opportunities.

We can host a webpage for you, make you a Featured Author or provide an Author Spotlight. We can also provide Banner Creation or even Build you A Website. All of our charges are listed on our site for anyone to peruse.

Whatever you need, we want to provide as much help as we possible can, for as reasonable a price as we can.

Ultimately, our aim is to promote Australian writing talent.

And your long-term goal for Aussie Authors?

Cheryl:  Our long-term goal is to be known as "the premier site" for Australian authors. We expect to develop a reputation as the gathering place for Australian writers, both published and emerging. We’d like AussieAuthors.com to be the place that even agents and publishers will look to for talent.

Does my book have to be available in paper form in Australian bookshops?

Cheryl:  All books are equal in our eyes. Whether they’re e-books, self-published or traditionally published, in brick and mortar bookstores, or available on-line. We handle all genres and for all ages. Our books and their authors are as diverse as our readers.






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